Wish List for Polk County Humane Society

These are the items that really help out as PCHS saves animals and finds them forever homes.



Nylabones (especially large size)

Collars (all sizes)

Leashes (all sizes)


Dog Toys

Dry & Moist Dog Food

Puppy Food

Kong Toys

Frontline or similar flea/tick prevention

Metal food bowls

Dog Beds

Wire Crates (medium to large)

Kiddie Pools





Litter boxes

Cat Food (canned and dry)

Kitten Food (canned and dry)

Kitty Litter

Cat Toys

Cat Beds

Frontline or similar flea/tick prevention

Cat Treats

Food bowls





Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

Hydrogen Peroxide

Laundry Detergent

Dryer Sheets

Kleenex Tissues (any brand)

Sponges (one side scrub type)

Trash Bags (small and large)

Trash Bags (39 gallon contractor)

Mr. Clean

Disinfectant Spry


Paper Towels

Towels (bath and hand)

Hand Sanitizer



Office Supplies

Postage Stamps

Scotch Tape

Copy Paper



901 HP Office Jet Ink Cartridges



Contact Us Today!

Polk County Humane Society
4404 S. 82nd Road

P.O. Box 334

Bolivar, Missouri 65613
Phone: (417) 777-3647

email: GoingToTheDogs1@Windstream.net

Polk County Humane Society Shelter is open:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Sunday10:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Weather permitting, you will also find us at PetSmart on  Saturdays

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